Meteorology and Hydrology

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Felix Technology Inc. provides a wide range of meteorological and hydrological equipment and weather instruments. Felix Technology instruments use the latest advances in technology to assist you in understanding the always changing weather and water.

Environmental Equipment

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Felix Technology Inc. is one of the leading suppliers of environmental instrument providing air and water quality, noise monitoring, emission monitoring, modeling and forecasting and also renewable energy systems and devices.

Research/Test Equipment

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Here you can find all Felix Technology Inc. research and test equipment products which will be particularly suited to universities and research institutes and met, hydromet and environmental organizations.

Felix Technology Inc.

Felix Technology Inc. is an environmental system provider and integrator. We provide engineering solutions that help environmental monitoring run more reliably, efficiently and economically. We provide appropriate technical support and consistent quality to exceed our customer’s expectations. As an integrator, there is a growing trend toward improving services by collaborating to find even more reliability in any industrial and environmental measurement and monitoring.

We provide sensors, instruments and systems for measuring and monitoring in our demanding environments. Our main focus is on MeteorologicalHydrologicalEnvironmental industries. We are dedicated to finding reliable and long lasting solutions for our customers and we are working hard for a safer environment by measuring the processes in our industries and in our environment.

Comprehensive system integration services help you to make your business more efficient. There may be a lot of major as well as minor processes working simultaneously in an industry. What System Integration does is it combines all of these bits into one single smooth process, thereby removing a lot of confusion from the floor. Providing customized industrial measurement systems to suit the specifications and the  requirements of the customers is our primary goal.