Meteorological Equipment
Felix Main Meteorology We supply meteorological instrument providing reliable and accurate meteorological data analysis. These meteorological instruments are widely known for their immaculate accuracy and their long service life.

Some of our products are Standard Weather Station, Automatic Weather Station, Rain Gauge, Rainfall Recorder and Logger, Evaporation Recorder, Snow Depth Sensor, Pyranometer, Anemometer and Temperature Humidity Recorder.




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Felix Automatic Weather Station  Automatic weather station measures various meteorological parameters such as wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity and ambient pressure. The data collected in the weather station can be monitored on site or transferred to a remote server.
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 Felix Marine Weather Station  

The Marine Weather Station instrument informs you of instantaneous changes in the weather around you. Wind Speed and Direction are measured using ultrasonic transducers. No moving parts results in better durability and reliability. The internal temperature and barometric pressure sensors help predict changing weather patterns.

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 Felix Meteorological Balloon 1  Today, atmospheric information is most often gathered by height-finding radar, remote sensing by earth-orbiting or stationary satellites, and aircraft instruments, with weather balloons augmenting the data. Meteorological balloons are used in the measurement and evaluation of mostly upper atmospheric conditions.
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Felix Meteorological Thermometers   These devices are used for meteorology, geology, climate measurements, chemical analytics as well as industry and research applications. 
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