The accurate measurement of rain and snow precipitation remains one of the most basic elements of hydrological and meteorology studies. The FT7360 Precipitation Gauge has been designed to measure rainfall and precipitation in remote and unattended locations. The FT7360 is a high quality instrument that provides accurate measurements with long term performance. The tipping bucket design allows accurate repeatable measurements, requires no regular operator maintenance, and is economical and proven in operation. All components of the FT7360 reflect the environmental requirements of a continuous duty instrument.

Felix Precipitation Gauges 


A dual-chambered tipping bucket assembly is located below the collection funnel. When a precise amount of precipitation has been collected in one side of the bucket, gravity tips the assembly and activates a reed switch. A momentary electrical contact closure through the switch is provided for each increment of rainfall. The sample is discharged through the base of the gauge. For environments that can typically expect a significant amount of frozen precipitation, internal sensor heaters are available. The heating elements are thermostatically controlled to melt and measure the water content of snow and frozen rain, but to avoid evaporative loss.


The funnel and housing are anodized aluminum and finished with white powder coating.

Stainless steel is used to ensure the critical operation of the tipping bucket components and the tipping bucket pivots. The funnel has two screens for preventing leaves and other debris from entering or clogging the gauge. A circular bubble-level and adjustable feet facilitate proper mounting of the unit.


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