Pressure Sensor

Felix Barometric Pressure Sensors FT5006 series have very fast response with excellent accuracy, repeatability and long term stability over a wide range of pressure and temperature. The FT5006 features robust and low maintenance construction that will withstand a wide range of adverse weather conditions, and consistently collects reliable barometric pressure data for environmental monitoring applications.

These sensors are compact, light and also consume very low power. The pressure sensing element is a robust, stable, low noise and low power silicon bulk micro machined sensing element capacitive chip. The pressure and temperature output data are calibrated and compensated internally.

Felix Barometric Pressure Sensor 

The FT5006 measures barometric pressure for a range of 500 to 1100 hPa. This range equates to from below sea level up to 12000 feet above sea level. FT5006 barometric pressure sensors offer both analog and digital outputs with an extremely low current consumption at sleep mode. The Model FT5006.10 provides a 0 to 5 VDC analog output. This sensor also features an RS232 digital serial communication output. The Model FT5006.20 features both 4-20 mA analog current and RS232/485 digital outputs . This compact barometer can be easily installed in the enclosures with or without DIN rail mounting. Due to its weatherproof enclosure pressure sensor can be mounted at at any required location while the pressure port helps minimize dynamic pressure errors due to the wind.



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