Temperature sensor for indoor and outdoor

The temperature sensor type FT2019 comprises an encased hard glass platinum resistance Pt100 according to DIN 60751 B, 1/3 tolerance, that is placed on a plastic shaft and is mounted by means of a screwed joint to the side wall of an aluminum cable box.

 Felix Indoor Outdoor Temperature Sensor

The screw cap of the screwed joint is connected with a protecting tube, which is perforated so as to enhance the ventilation of the sensor. The device can be mounted using two mounting holes, Ø 4 mm, in the bottom of the casing.

By unsoldering the 4 connection leads and loosening the screw cap (14 mm width) the protecting tube may be removed to replace the sensor if needed. Maintenance is not required, except for an occasional removal of dust. The connection can be implemented by means of 3 or 4 line connections.



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