The Biral ALS-2 is supplied pre-calibrated. However, it is recommended that periodic calibration checks are performed as part of routine maintenance of the sensor. Such periodic checks may also be a necessary requirement if the sensor is used as part of an aerodrome runway visual range system. To facilitate convenient in-field calibration checking, Biral has developed a portable calibration unit specifically for the ALS-2, available as an additional option.

The calibrator is battery powered and attaches to the ALS-2, communicating optically through the sensor’s windows and therefore requires no electrical connection. The battery power and memory status is checked upon turning on. Once initiated, the calibrator emits a series of illumination levels into the ALS-2 lens. The intensity measurements are compared against the values stored by the calibration unit and adjusted if necessary. The status of the calibration unit and progress is indicated to the operator through two LEDs.

Ambiebt Light Sensor Calibrator Features:

  • Designed to Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) requirements

  • Designed to Calibrate to Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) requirements

  • Built to existing Biral HSS and SWS design standards.

  • Battery Operated – Self-contained

  • Fully automatic operation

  • Optical communication with ALS-2

  • Extensive self-checking

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