HSS VF-750 Sensor

The HSS VPF-750 is based on the market leading HSS VPF-730 sensor combined with reference quality humidity, temperature and precipitation sensors to provide even better discrimination of present and past weather.

The HSS VPF-750 provides industry leading accuracy combined with the 50 most important WMO table 4680 codes (present weather reported from an automatic weather station). Complete with reference quality temperature, humidity and precipitation sensors the VPF-750 can provide even better discrimination of present weather. The VPF-750 meets the requirements of ICAO 9328 for use in RVR (Runway Visual Range) when used with the optional Biral ambient light sensor.

The sensor outputs the following data:

meteorological optical range (MOR), present weather (WMO codes), past weather (SYNOP codes), obstruction to vision, METAR codes, precipitation rate and amount, EXCO, temperature, relative humidity, precipitation indicator and optionally the ambient light level.

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