Thunderstorm Detector: BTD-300

The detector is sensitive to all forms of lightning (cloud-to-ground, cloud-to-cloud etc.) and provides accurate range estimation for lightning up to 83 km 51 miles) away. Storm direction is also available if combined with the optional direction finding module. Output is updated every 2 seconds and can be displayed on computer or warnings indicated directly via optional relays. Users can customise the distance for up to four lightning proximity alerts.

A key advantage of this stand-alone detector is that it is sensitive to the small intra-cloud lightning flashes which can occur before the hazardous cloud-to-ground ones and can be up to ten times as frequent. Detection of these intra-cloud flashes provides a complete account of storm lightning intensity compared to conventional low-frequency radio systems.

The BTD-300 operates below all forms of radio interference, minimizing false alarms. There are no moving parts to maintain or optical windows to keep clean. In addition to real-time total lightning data, users are alerted to signs of potential overhead thunderstorm development, before the first flash occurs. The sensitivity to these developing storm signals can be tailored to your specific requirements.

Comparison with established lightning detector networks show the BTD-300 detects between 50-250% more flashes within 60 km, mainly due to its sensitivity to weak intra-cloud flashes.

A complete solution to single-site thunderstorm warning requirements, with no reliance on external detection networks or continued subscription costs.

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