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 Environmental Sensors and Dataloggers such as SMART2000 Telemetry System, Air Particulate Monitoring, Ammonium Sensor, Blue-Green Algae Sensor, Conductivity Sensor, Depth Sensor, DieselOp Opacity Meter, Dissolved Oxygen Sensor (DO Sensor), H2S Analyzers, IsoKenetic Stack Train IST Sampler, NH3 Analyzer, NO, NO2, NOX Analyzer, Ozon Analyzer (Ozantor – O3 Analyzer), Turbidity, PH/ORP Sensor, SO2 Analyzer (Sulfur Dioxide Analyzer), StackOp Opacity Meter, TRS Analyzer

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Felix Air Quality Monitoring   The Air Quality Index (AQI) is a rating scale for outdoor air based on air pollutants which affect environment and human health. Air pollutants can be in the form of gases, liquid droplets and solid particles. Several major pollutants are ozone, fine particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide. The lower the AQI, the better is the air quality. Felix Technology provides air quality monitoring instruments to help better understanding of air quality. The focus of Felix technology is on the instruments reliability, ease of use, minimum maintenance and low cost.
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Felix Air Particulate  As scientific researches show, there is a strong association between particulate emissions in the air and human health conditions. In addition, in order to meet industry’s regulations requirements like ISO 14698 or ISO 14644, environmental effects of the products should be considered. Felix Technology provides a wide variety of instruments which can be used for air particulate monitoring and dust monitoring.
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