Medical Equipment


ICU Electric bed


Medical/Surgical Bed is designed for medical/surgical environment.

Adjustable height, back, knee, foot, trend and reversed trend positions (5 functions).

Auto-contour, back-up battery, all access central brake castors.

Removable head/foot boards and four IV pole locations.

Four side rails could be laid down.

Patient control built-in both sides of side rail, with lock function.

Nurse control built-in foot board, with lock function and emergency stop function.

All access central brake castors.

Back-up battery for emergency 24 VDC Battery with charger.

Manual CPR for quick release.In bed Scale, weighing system.


Surgical Light


  • Extended Arm Reach

The unique design of the Galaxy Ultra Mobile base allows the light to be manoeuvred much closer to the table without impeding the surgeon. Small and compact, the reduced footprint still offers complete stability.

  • Excellent Manoeuvrability

Low inertia, anti static, lockable double castor wheels make for easy movement with little effort. The light head is mounted on a spring balanced arm for easy positioning.

  • Ultra High Light Quality

A large diameter of illumination combines with ultra high light intensity to provide cool, daylight quality light, giving accurate true colour rendition in surgery. A unique reflector system allows “shadowless” performance, whilst focus control allows the beam to be adjusted without moving the light head.

  • Emergency Battery Backup (Option)

Located in the base, a sophisticated battery mechanism provides up to 3 hour uninterrupted run- time in the event of power loss. The batteries are equipped with a “Quick-Charge” facility allowing for ultra fast battery charging.


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