Hydrological Equipment
Felix Main Hydrology We offer hydrological instrument which are used for various types of measurements and data analysis such as measuring flow of water, water level.

These instruments include: Water Level Recorder, Water Quality Monitoring, Ultrasonic and Magnetic Flow Meters, and Telemetry Systems.


Felix Hydrology 

Hydrological Sensors and Dataloggers such as SMART2000 Telemetry System, Ammonium Sensor, Blue-Green Algae Sensor, Conductivity Sensor, Depth Sensor, Dissolved Oxygen Sensor (DO Sensor), Equitensiometer (Soil Water Potential), Humidity and Temperature Sensor in Shelter, PH/ORP Sensor, Rhodamine Sensor and Turbidity.

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Felix Water Quality Monitoring 

The development of continuous low maintenance multi-parameter water quality monitoring have lead customers to use automated warning stations, which provide real-time information of the water quality either in surface water, industrial process water. Ideal applications include groundwater interaction, saltwater intrusion, surface water, reservoir and lake monitoring, estuary monitoring, watershed and source water protection, beach monitoring, storm water runoff, NPS monitoring, NPDES discharge, waste water influent, effluent, vertical profiling, process water and aquaculture.

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Felix Water Level Measurement Pressurized Tank 

Systems including Ultrasonic Level meter, Pressurized Tank and Water Level Meters.

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