SMART2000 Telemetry System

The SMART2000 Telemetry System is a Hi-Tec acquisition, logging, and control system based on ARM microprocessor. Due to its design architecture, it can serve all the environmental applications including meteorology, hydrology, and water and air quality. The Felix Technology RTU has 8 isolated differential analogue inputs, enabling data acquisition with a high resolution up to 16 bits. It features 6 digital inputs/outputs, all protected allowing the user to control various sensors and auxiliary equipment. 
Four digital interfaces, RS232, RS485, USB and Ethernet are built-in, featuring communication via ASCII, PROFIBUS or MODBUS.Data storage is achieved by an internal flash and an SD memory card, optionally. A rotary switch and 4-line LCD on the front panel allow the user to enter or modify a number of different modes and functions, such as sampling rate and averaging time, as well as offset and gain. 

 Felix SMART2000 Telemetry System        Felix SMART2000 Telemetry System 2


The power supply can be backed-up by a rechargablel battery. A built-in charger ensures that the battery is fully charged. A power down mode with wake-up on timer on external input allows an extensive operation on the battery power. Appropriate circuitry is implemented for using a solar panel for operation where main power is not available. 

Configuring of the data logger can be performed using software working under WINDOWS 98 / ME / NT / 2000 / XP/7 operating systems.

Measurement of temperature can be performed using a thermistor Pt100 connected to one of the analog inputs. Wind speed and direction, humidity, precipitation and other environmental sensors with current or voltage output can be logged through analog inputs. SMART2000 supports measuring methods with 2, 3 and 4 wires. The digital signal inputs can be used, for the sensors with frequency or counter outputs. Special calculations of measured values are possible using arithmetic channels.

The data logging software logs analog and digital inputs periodically or based on input events, and stores data in the internal Flash, or on a Micro SD card. The telemetry system has a web interface for configuration and data retrieval, accessible through a direct USB connection to a PC, through GPRS, or through internet. Optional modes of remote communication are PSTN, GSM/GPRS, RF, and satellite.


Main Features:

- 7 MB on-board Flash

-  6 digital inputs

-  SD RAM card up to 2 GB

-  8 analogue inputs

-  USB 2.0 Full Speed

- 16-bit A/D converter

-  1 Ethernet

- Low power consumption

-  Wide temperature range: -40° to +70°C

- 1 485/422
-  Arithmetic combination of sensor channels

- 1 RS232  

  Other Meteorological Instruments:

 Felix Snow Depth-Sensor The SL300 ultrasonic snow depth sensor provides a total system in a compact package, containing an ultra sensitive electrostatic transducer and the supporting circuitry to provide a 0 to +5 or 0 to +2.5 VDC output with fully independent zero and span adjustments over the entire operating range of detection from 1.5’ - 20’.
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 Felix Precipitation Gauges The accurate measurement of rain and snow precipitation remains one of the most basic elements of hydrological and meteorology studies. The FT7360 Precipitation Gauge has been designed to measure rainfall and precipitation in remote and unattended locations. The FT7360 is a high quality instrument that provides accurate measurements with long term performance. The tipping bucket design allows accurate repeatable measurements, requires no regular operator maintenance, and is economical and proven in operation. All components of the FT7360 reflect the environmental requirements of a continuous duty instrument.
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 Felix Barometric Pressure Sensor

Felix Barometric Pressure Sensors FT5006 series have very fast response with excellent accuracy, repeatability and long term stability over a wide range of pressure and temperature. The FT5006 features robust and low maintenance construction that will withstand a wide range of adverse weather conditions, and consistently collects reliable barometric pressure data for environmental monitoring applications.

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Felix Pressure Sensor with Digital Display 

The Pressure sensors FT5005 series are used to determine the absolute atmospheric pressure. The optional output analog signal can be used for meteorological purposes or as input signal for control and regulation applications.

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Felix Pyranometer  The pyranometer is an instrument for measuring the solar irradiance. The thermopile sensor construction measures the solar energy that is received from the total solar spectrum and the whole hemisphere (180 degrees field of view). The output is expressed in Watts per meter square. The pyranometer is designed for continuous indoor and outdoor use.
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Felix Visibility Sensor  Visibility sensor is configured for accurate measurement of visibility in the densest of fogs to very clear air conditions and is the refinement of 2 decades of experience and technology resulting in a compact, robust instrument with excellent performance.
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Felix Aspiration Psychrometer  The Aspirator Psychrometer FT3060 series are used for measuring the air temperature and the humidity. Two parallel mounted, equal mercury thermometers are used. The bulb of one thermometer (wet bulb thermometer) is covered by a wick, which must be moistened for a measurement. The bulb of the other thermometer remains without wick. Both bulbs are encased by two radiation tubes. In order to achieve an effective radiation shield the surface of the instrument is polished.
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Felix Indoor Outdoor Temperature Sensor  The temperature sensor type FT2019 comprises an encased hard glass platinum resistance Pt100 according to DIN 60751 B, 1/3 tolerance, that is placed on a plastic shaft and is mounted by means of a screwed joint to the side wall of an aluminum cable box.
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Felix Humidity Temperature Sensor  Humidity/Temperature FT3030 series Sensors are used for the measurement of the relative humidity and the air temperature simultaneously. A capacitive measuring element is used for the measurement of the relative humidity and a PT100 is used for the measurement of the air temperature. Both sensors are located in a measuring probe, protected by a membrane filter. The measuring probe is placed inside a solar radiation shield made of a defined white colored plastic. There is also an electrically ventilated version available for measurement of the exact temperature when wind or drift are absent.
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 Felix Electrically Aspirated Thermometer Electrically Aspirated Psychrometer FT3010 series provide continuous measurements of the "dry bulb" and "wet bulb" temperatures with high accuracy. From these two values the desired relative humidity and dew point temperature may be obtained by using psychrometric tables, diagrams or a computer system. The design of the instrument essentially eliminates the effects of wind and radiation. Inside the downward inclined radiation shield tubes, two platinum resistance thermometers (Pt100W) are mounted.
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 Felix August Psychrometer The August Psychrometer FT 3070 is designed to measure the temperature and the temperature extremes, and to determine real humidity. The instrument consists of spring driven aspirator to ventilate thermometers, stand, thermometer supports, psychrometer thermometers, and maximum & minimum thermometers.
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Felix Anemometer 1  The wind speed sensor FT4000 series are used for transmission of electrically measured wind speed. This wind sensor is designed for automatic weather stations which can be used in a wide range of locations such as airports, research vessels, and industrial sites. The availability of simultaneous outputs makes the wind sensor suitable for a wide range of applications. It consist of a low inertia 3-cup assembly as sensing element, a shaft made of stainless steel guided in special covered precision ball bearings, and a housing made of polycarbonate.

The sensor is also available with analog outputs providing voltage or current proportional to the wind speed (FT4034.10). This makes the sensor suitable for up to 4 analog instruments, connected in line.

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Felix Pressure Sensor High Precision  High Precision Pressure Sensor FT5002 uses a capacitive ceramic sensing element to measure barometric pressure . FT5000 has a very fast response with excellent repeatability and long term stability. This pressure sensor is compact, light and also with low power consumption. A 4-wire connection used to connect the sensor to a data acquisition system with an analog voltage output.
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 Felix Air Temperature Sensor in Radiation Shield Temperature sensor FT2030 series are equipped with platinum resistance thermometers Pt100, DIN 60751 B, tolerance class1/3 DIN, with 4-wire connection and 5m cable. The sensor is placed in plastic shaft and screwed into the base plate by means of a cable duct. The base plate is for senor mounting using two M8-screws, 30 mm apart. The radiation shield is designed to minimize the influence of short-wave radiation and long-wave radiative exchange. Radiation shield consists of 12 plates made of a special white plastic material. Its aerodynamically optimized design features efficient horizontal air flow.
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Felix Sunshine Duration Sensor  Sunshine duration is defined by WMO as the time during which the direct solar radiation exceeds the level of 120 W/m². It has no moving parts and uses 3 photo-diodes with specially designed diffusers to make an analogue calculation of when it is sunny. The output is switched high or low to indicate sunny or not sunny conditions. The calculated direct irradiance value is also available. The sensor has built-in heaters to dissipate rain, snow and frost. These are normally switched externally but an optional internal thermostat control is available.
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Felix Ultrasonic Evaporation Sensor  A fact is that evaporation rate is extremely sensitive. The Pan is manufactured from painted GI sheet tested for water leak. The stilling well and thermometer clamps are manufactured from Brass. This is supported on wooden platform and covered with reinforced chickon, Measuring Jar is manufactured from transparent Acrylic also available is bran. This Pan Evaporimeter is also available in galvanized Iron as per customer's requirement.
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