Humidity Test Cabinet

The humidity calibration test cabinet is designed for the calibration of humidity sensors. It is possible to calibrate several sensors at the same time. The operating range is from 15% to 96% relative humidity.

Felix Humidity Test Cabinet 

Other Test and Calibration Systems: 

 Felix Wind Tunnel  

The wind tunnel has been designed and manufactured for testing meteorological wind sensors.
Typical application would be test and calibration of wind speed, wind run and wind direction sensors. Its open construction with the measuring section in the suction part enables compact dimensions and therefore operation in relatively small rooms. Even complex-shaped rooms will not affect the measurements seriously.

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Felix Pressure Chamber  &n Pressure/vacuum chamber is used for testing several aneroids, barotransmitters, barographs and mercury barometers (with hood). Test chamber consists of a cylindrical steel body, coated with flange, covered by a steel plate and sealed by means of an O-ring. A large inspection pane in the door is made of 40 mm acrylic glass. There is a built-in vibrating table with rung stand, actuated by push-button from outside.
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 Felix Compact Pressure Chamber  The Compact Pressure/vacuum Chamber FT8710 is used for testing aneroids, barotransmitters, barographs and a mercury barometer (with hood). The test chamber made of a rugged steel construction, upper flange covered by an aluminum plate (or hood type FT8711) and sealed by means of an O-ring.
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 Felix Rain Gauge Test Equipment  The new mobile Rain Gauge Test Equipment is able to simulate rain in various intensities. The second generation of the Rain Gauge Test Equipment has a new and improved special pump inside. With almost no noise rain gauges can be tested easily in the field or in the lab.
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 Felix Temperature Test Chamber  

The measuring range of the Temperature Test Chamber is form -40° to +180°C. It is designed mainly for testing of temperature sensors, thermographs etc.. It can also be used for material testing. The Temperature Test Chamber has many features including; its small dimensions, large test space, high performance, and low operating costs.
The compact test chamber offers a large test space. Up to three 19"-slide in module or four thermographs can be tested at the same time. Other sizes can be offered on request.

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 Felix Thermometer Test Bath  

This thermometer calibrating unit is designed for calibrating up to 19 mercury thermometers simultaneously over a wide temperature range.
The major components of this equipment are: temperature bath, including the circulating pump, the heating and cooling coils, continuous flow cooler, temperature control as well as a special lighting device and a set of precision control thermometers.

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